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The Graves Appellation is unique too.  The combination of fine gravels, red clay and limestone gives the grapes unparalleled complexity. 


This is perhaps why wines from this appellation have been so popular all over Europe since the Middle Ages.  In fact, in the 12th century, Graves was the main supplier of wine to England, under the patronage of Eleanor of Aquitaine. 


The unique soil of the region allows us to produce wines of incredible complexity, with characteristic soft and expressive tannins, which are so valued among Bordeaux winemakers.


We make here our red Clos Les Remparts, which is based on a Bordeaux blend with the prevailing Merlot.


We are particularly fond of our dry white Clos les Remparts, which is based on 100% Semillon grapes sourced from old vines of “Jean Dubois” single vineyard.

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